Boudoir is so exhilarating, it's fun & uplifting. You'll leave your session feeling pampered, sexy and energized!


EVERYONE is nervous before their first session.

Here are some tips and most frequently asked questions I get. This will help you prepare for your shoot and hopefully ease your nerves just a bit.


What are some occasions perfect for a Boudoir Session?

-As a wedding gift
-Treat after a divorce
-Major Birthday Milestones (25th, the Dirty 30, the Fabulous 40, the Sexy 50th)…
-Significant Others Birthday
-Getting out of a toxic relationship
-Surviving something major, like cancer or a hysterectomy
-Before & after having a baby
-Valentine’s Day
-I mean the list goes on so how about we just say because the Day Ends in "Y" lol

Where are the Boudoir Sessions Held?

I have a studio where all these luxury sessions are held. Our professional hair & makeup artist will do your makeup in the studio as well.

How far in Advance to do I Need to Book a Boudoir Session?

This really depends on what you need the photos for. Is this a wedding, birthday, or anniversary present for someone special? If you are doing this as a gift to someone then we ask that you come in at least 4 weeks before the date. If your booking a mini session then those are timed so that you receive your digital images before the major event such as my valentines day mini sessions will be delivered in time for V-Day.

Additionally, at the moment I am only scheduling full, luxury boudoir sessions on Tues & Thurs mornings and early afternoons, so you may need to take that into consideration when booking as well.

Who should do my Hair and Make-up for a Boudoir Session?

Professional hair & makeup is INCLUDED in your session! You will be pampered and will feel like a queen by the end of the experience.

Will you Photoshop me to *insert size here*?

The quick and simple answer is no. That’s the truth. I do light airbrushing. For example, if you have a pimple or blemish on your face, then of course, I will correct that. I also color correct all my photos and will even out skin tone. My goal is to document and celebrate the body you have. I want you to see yourself, the real you, and love it, and feel sexy the way God created you. Your body reflects your life's journey thus far.

Do you Post my Boudoir Pictures All over the Internet?

No! The ladies you see in my pictures are women who have given me written permission to use their photos to showcase my work. My number 1 priority making sure my clients are comfortable, especially with boudoir! It can be a life changing experience, but that also makes it nerve wracking! Sometimes, you are learning how to love your body and you aren’t quite ready to share the images with the world, or sometimes these photos are specifically for your spouse aren’t for anyone else’s eyes. If there are photos that I would like to share, I will ask your permission first, and only share what you are comfortable with! Boudoir is a private and intimate thing and you never have to worry about your images being used without your permission and I will never pressure you to do so. I won't lie, I LOVE what I do and there will be some amazing images and I would love to show case them if you're comfortable with that. In my contract and questioner, there is an area where you can indicate whether or not you are ok with that. With that being said, I will still get your written permission for specific images before using them. There have also been cases where women said no UNTIL they saw the final product and then they were like HELL YEAH!! put that everywhere!!! This will be an open conversation we will have. Showcasing women and telling their stories helps other women take the leap and find their confidence as well so I love when I get the opportunity to share what a difference this experience makes!

Do you have Lingerie or should I Bring my Own?

I always encourage my clients to bring things they have and love, and feel comfortable in. However, I have a full client closet that is growing all the time, so if you don't have anything... do not worry...I've got you covered.

How long does it take to get my Boudoir Photos Back?

At the moment the photo turn around is roughly 2 weeks, give or take an day or two. In the near future, I will be doing same day photo reveals and product/collection ordering with every client!

Do you Offer Group Parties?

I sure do!! Its a great bachelorette party idea or just a girls night with your besties!! Message me for more info on those!

Do I have to wear lingerie?

Definitely not! There are a million ways to be and feel sexy, so it all depends on your personality and comfort level. In my client closet I have all sorts or things for you to choose from that are not lingerie. From shirts, to robes, dresses, and comfy oversized sweaters.

What type of print products do you have?

I offer an array of luxury products based on the collection you choose.
- Leather or Linen Albums
-Fine Art Folio Boxes
-Luxury Flash Drives
-Custom Booty Hoodie's
-Metal Wall Art Prints
.... AND MORE!

Can you make my short deadline?

YES! however, I do charge a rush fee in order to expedite the process and move your gallery to priority position over the galleries' in front of you. For more info, email me.


GOSH NO!! That is completely up to you, we can go super sexy with lingerie or we can go more conservative in a comfy oversized sweater and cute panties. Trust me, there in no one way to be or feel sexy. Sexy is not what your wearing!! Sexy is a mindset, and personality, its in your smile and your eyes as well as your booty and thighs! We will make sure that your shoot is 100% authentic to you.

How would you describe your boudoir photography style?

My style changes a little from person to person. Boudoir is all about documenting and celebrating YOUR journey and that can differ from person to person. My studio is set up to accommodate that shift in style and client preference. I LOVE the light, airy softness of my boho & floral sets and I thrive on the ultra sexiness and edgy images captured in both my dark & moody room, I adore the dark, moody shadows and close ups.
So honestly the style you get depends on you!! What do you want?

How do I prepare for my session?

First, I don't expect you to know how to pose. I will guide you every step of the way so absolutely no practicing needed on your end.

Take good care of your skin the weeks leading up to your appointment. Avoid getting too much sun (try a spray tan instead), eat your fruits & veggies, drink lots of water so your skin is glowing!

STRETCH!! We will be doing lots of poses that require arching your back and pointing your toes so start stretching and practicing some back flexibility moves ahead of time.

Please arrive to your boudoir appointment on time with clean, moisturized skin and clean, dry hair that has been washed either same day or the night before.

Nails, girl...... you better not show up to you boudoir session with some damn knarly nails! NO CHIPPED PAINT, they don't have to be professionally manicured but at least have them looking good. Either painted or natural is fine, but FRESH nails and toes please!! French tips or black are my faves!

I would avoid drinking the night before because it will bloat you and give you dark circle.

Did I say water and stretch?!? Because DRINK LOTS OF WATER AND STRETCH!!

OK, I'm ready to do the damn thing, how can I book a session?

Check out our investment page! To book your boudoir appointment, I require a deposit and a signed contract. The remaining balance can be made in payments prior to your shoot date. Please feel free to email for additional questions and schedule your shoot!

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